Dark Webseries All Episodes Download in Hindi

Dark Webseries All Episodes Download in Hindi

The story of Dark Webseries begins in Winden, a small village in Germany where the sudden disappearance of some children is stirred up. In a village in which no one has been stolen so far, children suddenly start disappearing one by one. The connection of the missing children is connected with four strange families living in the town who are fighting a different battle in their own world.

The first Nelson's family in which Ulrich is the father of three children is a police officer and his wife Katherine is the principal of a famous school of Winden, in this family relationship, love has vanished due to which they are living a routine life just for formality, There are also three children, Mikal who wants to grow up to be a magician, Magnus who is weak in studies but expert in sports and Martha who is looking for a partner in life.

In the second Convel family, Papa Michael has committed suicide in a strange situation. After which Mummy Hana is running an affair with a childhood crush, This is completely unknown to son Jonas who is trying to find the real reason for his father death.

The third is Doppler's family mummy Charlotte Winden's famous police officer and Papa Peter treats patients with mental illness in this family Just a small mess, Mommy suspects that Papa is having an affair with someone else And daughter Francis is very fast in studies and is also a school topper, but little daughter Elizabeth is neither able to hear nor speak.

Fourth is Tidemen family Papa Alexander is chairman of winden nuclear plant And mummy Rajina is trying to run the only hotel in Winden town which is in debt And son Bartos enjoying fun with Martha in school But are completely unaware of the dangerous secrets of the family that can change the fate of the whole town, The twist in the story comes from the secret of a cave in the town, which in reality is a magical portal using which you can go back 33 years in time or 33 years ahead. Then, one by one, people go out of the present and come out on the philosophy of their past and try to change their future. Some of the mistakes that are behind, new ways are found to rectify them. In this process, there are some secret whose connections are connected with black holes, which can erase the existence of the entire planet from the map of the universe forever. Is it really possible to start a second world in life by defeating your mistakes? Where God is not even mentioned and some people start ruling the whole world, Is it really possible to tamper with time or Then the creator of the world is many times smarter than the mind of humans and has the power to control everything with his own hands.From one world to another world and from second to third in which you can travel from your present to the past, then what can happen in your future can be foreseen. Thinking it creeps up.  

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